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Bass Angler Magazine – 2017 WINTER Issue


BASS ANGLER MAGAZINEBAM – The Magazine That Helps You Catch More Bass!

Winter 2017/18 – Welcome to winter, the season for giant bass. In this issue BAM is aiming to help you catch your personal best. Here’s how we’re gonna do it:

Can bass hear sonar? When stalking that double digit, will your graphs spook ‘em off before you even know they’re there? Aaron LeSieur brakes down the facts, the fiction, and the speculations of sonar and how it relates to bass behavior.

How does one even find those monster bass? Trophy bass hunter Brett Richardson highlights the seasonal areas he uses to target those wintertime giants, and the hot baits he trusts to entice ‘em to bite.

Want to do a little wintertime bed fishing? Rob Bryant, along with Mr. Tom Mann Jr., discuss the tactics Mann employs to boat some Florida pigs when the rest of the country is frozen over. And heck, while you’re at it, why not read up on Justin Catrett’s five reasons to head on down to central Florida and do just that? I hear the weather’s beautiful there this time of year.

But that’s not even close to being all of it! Mike Delvisco talks hard baits for reaction bites up shallow; Glenn Walker wants you to know all about the new technology out there that should help your game; Rob Bryant and Elite Pro John Murray sling heavy metal spoonin’—a must-have tool in your wintertime arsenal; and Jody Only features some hot new baits in our Product Showcase that should rip some cold-water lips.

Along with over 20 other articles designed to help you catch more bass—and why not your biggest one yet?—BAM is the magazine that helps you catch more bass. #newpersonalbest!

Bass Angler Magazine covers the latest seasonal tips, techniques and tactics from the world’s best anglers, broken down in an easy-to-understand format. Now everyone can catch fish like a pro.

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