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Bass Angler Magazine – 2018 FALL Issue


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If you’ve ever found Fall to be a season of Jekyll-and-Hyde-like personalities, you aren’t alone. It’s a challenging transitional time of year that often leaves us scratching our heads. One day we may be at a complete loss, while the next we’re having trouble unlocking our phones due to a gnarly bass thumb.

We hope the insights found within this issue of BAM have you catching more bass and considering facial recognition software for your smartphone.

Swimbaits feature prominently in BAM’s 2018 Fall issue. From coast-to-coast and everywhere in between, Tom Mann, Jr., Edwin Evers, and Michael Neal all have swimbaits tied on year-round. Each angler offers his never-fail techniques when dissecting the transitions of the season with this venerable bait.

Spybaiting in some form or another has been around for a while. Don Iovino and Greg Gutierrez remind us of what we’re missing if this stealthy technique isn’t a part of the autumn arsenal when targeting finicky bass.

Bassmaster Classic champions Jordan Lee and Randy Howell give up the goods on how they attack the grass on TVA impoundments.

To those not privy to the intense mental and emotional aspects of tournament angling, Brandon Palaniuk and Mike Iaconelli discuss their own perspectives when dealing with adversity and conflict while on the water.

From profiling historic Chattanooga to discussing boating safety; highlighting the season’s must-have accessories to examining the inner workings of the new Daiwa and Shimano workhorse reels – BAM has got you covered.

Bass Angler Magazine profiles the latest seasonal tips, techniques, and tactics from the world’s best anglers, broken down in an easy-to-understand format. Now everyone can catch fish like a pro.

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