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Bass Angler Magazine – 2018 SUMMER Issue


BASS ANGLER Magazine – “BAM” The Magazine That Helps You Catch More Bass!

With the dawn of each successive season comes fresh challenges: new baits to master, unfamiliar techniques to perfect, foreign and ever-evolving lakes, rivers, and reservoirs to dissect.

Summer, of course, is no exception.

BAM’s 2018 summer issue offers a fresh perspective on tips, techniques, and seasonal-specific advice.

Casey Ashley, two-time B.A.S.S. Elite winner and Bassmaster Classic champion discusses tournament preparation and how his decision process on the water can lead to victory.

With the future of our sport in good hands, authors John Warren, Rob Bryant, and John Neporadny highlight the up-and-coming sticks, high school tournaments, and MLF’s conservation-minded format.

Summertime topwater and drop-shot techniques are broken down for us with Clayton Batts and Glen Walker, while recent B.A.S.S. Elite champion Wesley Strader dusts off the spinnerbait for some old-school lessons.

Prefer fishing shallow grass and slop during this season? Mark Zona, Timmy Horton, Ish Monroe, Bobby Barrack, Cody Meyer, and Mike DelVisco all have simple and effective tips for a successful frog, topwater, and jig fishing in skinny water.

How about fat bronzebacks in the current? Brad Paradis simplifies his approach to targeting smallmouth in fast-flowing water.

With apparel, accessories, and technology recommendations; destination-fishing and tourism; tackle and bait profiles – this issue is a must-read for beginner and experienced anglers alike.

Bass Angler Magazine covers the latest seasonal tips, techniques, and tactics from the world’s best anglers, broken down in an easy-to-understand format. Now everyone can catch fish like a pro.

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