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Dean Rojas signs with Suzuki and Blazer Boats


When the 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series season commences on Alabama’s Lake Martin in early February, Dean Rojas will debut an entirely new look. The Lake Havasu City, Arizona pro announced that he will be running a Suzuki engine and a Blazer boat.

It’s a significant change for Rojas, who has spent duration of his professional fishing career with Yamaha engines and Skeeter Boats beginning in 1996.

Rojas said that as he began preparations for the 2018 season, it became apparent that there were some major changes on the horizon. “There are always different dynamics at play within every relationship, and after meeting with Skeeter and Yamaha following the 2017 season there was a mutual agreement that we were starting to head in different directions.

“With everything in life, change is inevitable. The key is that you have to welcome those changes and use the positive energy and momentum as fuel for the fire,” continued Rojas. “I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that both Skeeter and Yamaha provided for my family and my career, and there will always be a special place in my heart for those two companies.”

Essentially working as a free agent, Rojas began exploring other sponsor options within the industry. “I knew that I was moving away from something that I’ve known for my entire career, so of course there was a lot of uncertainty,” he allowed. “I just kept reminding myself that during my entire career I’ve always kept fighting and pushing forward.”

In late 2017, Rojas traveled to Suzuki’s United States headquarters in California and met with Takuya Sato – Executive Vice President at Suzuki Motor of America, along with David Greenwood – Product Planning Manager and Gus Blakely – Vice President, Division Head Marine at Suzuki Motor of America.

“Suzuki has made a push into the tournament bass fishing world and they’re looking to expand their role in the bass boat market. After meeting with them, it was obvious that it was a good fit for both of us. I’ve watched Brandon Card run a Suzuki for the past five seasons on the Elite Series and I’ve been impressed with how reliable it has been for him. That says a lot about their 4-stroke technology,” said Rojas.

Beginning in 2018, Rojas will run a Suzuki 250SS V6 4-stroke engine and Suzuki will serve as his title sponsor on both his boat and truck wrap. He will also use Suzuki’s ECSTAR semi-synthetic marine engine oil and lubricants.

“Suzuki has already captured a good portion of the market share in the saltwater industry and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll continue to grow and be a major player in the bass boat market,” said Rojas. “They’re here to stay, and I’m very happy to be involved with this growing company.”

Rojas also recently inked a deal with Blazer Boats and will be running a 625 Pro Elite model this upcoming season. After several phone conversations President of Blazer Boats, Keith Craft, Rojas visited their corporate headquarters in Florida to tour the manufacturing facility and test drive a boat.

“When I got behind the wheel of a Blazer for the first time it felt great. The holeshot was unbelievable and the boat handled very well at both low RPM’s and top speed. I can tell that it won’t take me long to get completely comfortable with the new ride,” said Rojas.

Beginning in 2019, he will begin working with Blazer on custom designs for future models of bass boats.

Along with the new boat and motor sponsors, Rojas said that he added two additional companies to his sponsor portfolio for 2018. EZ Loader Boat Trailers is now onboard, as well as Epic Baits – a new company featuring tungsten weights and a line of high quality spinnerbaits, underspins, and jigs that will feature Gamakatsu hooks. The line of tungsten weights and lures will be released throughout 2018.

“Without a doubt, the past months have been a whirlwind,” allowed Rojas, who is currently in the process of organizing his gear for the first Elite Series stop in February while his boat is being finished at the factory. “There’s a lot of positive energy going forward. Sometimes change is good.”

NOTE: Rojas announced his move to Suzuki and Blazer LIVE on BASS TALK LIVE on January 16th. To watch the replay, CLICK HERE.

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