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Fishhound Signs Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Brandon Coulter


Brandon Coulter

Fishhound, one of the fastest growing websites in the sport of fishing is pleased to announce a sponsorship of Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Brandon Coulter. Over the last 5 years, Fishhound has seen exponential growth having amassed over 1.25 million Facebook fans (Fishhound.com, Chasing Trophy Bass & Lucky Tackle Box) and 350,000 registered members. Fishhound’s content ranges from the most accurate collection of fishing reports in the country to tips & techniques from professional anglers and information on the latest products in the industry. Everything an outdoor enthusiast needs to become a better angler and catch more fish.

The sponsorship of Brandon Coulter is unlike anything the industry has ever seen before and takes the concept of field testing to the highest level of tournament fishing – the Bassmaster Elite Series. Brandon Coulter is not sponsored by a bait company and at every event, Fishhound members will help determine which baits Brandon will use at each Elite Series event this season.

“This is the ultimate field testing challenge! For years Fishhound members have been able to field test tackle, provide product feedback and help anglers make more informed buying decisions,” said John Loughlin, Director of Strategic Partnerships with Fishhound. “I can’t think of a better way to field test baits than during the course of an actual tournament with $100,000 on the line. There’s no commitment to throw a sponsor’s bait. Brandon selects the types of baits and Fishhound members select the brands.”

“Our goal is to help grow the sport of fishing by helping people become better anglers, stay informed with the latest tips, techniques, products and of course make more informed buying decisions,
said Rick Patri, Chief Operating Officer, Fishhound. “The Elite Series field testing videos from the first four Bassmaster Elite Series events this year have been awesome and people seem to love it. Our members have been going crazy with the idea of picking the baits a Pro throws during a tournament with $100,000 and shot of participating in the Bassmaster Classic.”

“I love the concept of going into a tournament and throwing whatever baits I want. Taking three baits into a tournament and figuring out which one is going to work best for the given conditions. It has allowed me to experiment and be open-minded with my lure selection by trying baits I had not used before,” said Brandon Coulter.

Coulter is also producing comprehensive, on-the-water technique videos for Fishhound. “I got in some trouble with the second video because it let the cat out of the bag on a technique using a Pop-R. That method has been a secret here in East Tennessee for years and I just had to share it with the Fishhound community so they would know we are not holding anything back with these videos,” said Coulter.

To have your baits included in Brandon Coulter’s arsenal on tour this season or in Fishhound’s Field Testing Program, please contact Rick Patri, [email protected]

About Fishhound.com

Fishhound.com introduces new and innovative products to its community of members and allows them to share their stories and opinions to help drive more informed buying decisions. Fishhound has the attention of more than 750,000 people who are eager to discover, share, influence and buy these kinds of products online. Fishhound partners with little known startups, as well as industry leaders to introduce their products to potential consumers. People like to be “in the know,” and Fishhound supports this by delivering the latest product news, tips & techniques and fishing reports on 2,800 waters across North America. Fishhound believes commerce and the way that people make purchases have changed. Consumers can decide which brands to support, and as members of Fishhound, have the opportunity to influence those decisions with care and thought. Knowledge is power.

About Brandon Coulter

Brandon Coulter of Knoxville, TN is fishing his inaugural season on the prestigious Bassmaster Elite Series in 2015. He fished seven years on the FLW Tour and qualified for three FLW Championships. Prior to competitive fishing he owned and sold an outdoor marketing agency and a construction company. He is active on his Facebook page www.facebook.com/Brandon.Coulter.Fishing, Instagram @bcoulterfishing and Twitter @bcoulterfishing. His website is www.BrandonCoulterFishing.com.

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