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FLW Pro Casey Scanlon’s Secret Weapon Is No Longer A Secret


Overland Park, KS August 8th, 2017 – Casey Scanlon, one of the top pros on the FLW Tour and a guide at Lake of the Ozarks, is now selling two of the bass jigs he designed through his Trophy Bass Company.

He partnered with entrepreneur, marketing consultant and local fisherman Travis Perret to establish the company and offer exciting new options for bass fishermen.

The Trophy Pro Jig is one of the hottest new jigs on the market – straight out of Scanlon’s tacklebox. Scanlon designed the jig to suit his needs on the pro circuit.

“I was having trouble finding the perfect jig,” said Scanlon, who finished 20th in the 2017 FLW points race. “I wanted one jig that I could skip, flip and drag. So I designed my own.”

The jig features a Gamakatsu 5/0 hook, a stand-up head designed for skipping and dragging, and narrow shoulders to penetrate heavy cover. It comes in ½, 5/8 and ¾ ounce.

Scanlon also offers the Trophy Swim Jig, which features a pointed nose with a flat back to come through cover without getting hung up.

“I love the way the Trophy Swim Jig comes through the grass,” says Scanlon. “I’ve tried all different trailers and it never rolls on its side. Plus, when I do hook a fish in all that grass the strong 5/0 Mustad hook keeps them on.”

Another product the Trophy Bass Company has introduced is the TBC Wacky Weight, which allows fishermen to fish a wacky-rigged plastic worm faster and deeper without losing the desired action.

Scanlon designed the Trophy Pro Jig four years ago and has tested it on the some of the best testing grounds a fisherman can: The B.A.S.S. Elite Series and the FLW circuit. He used that jig and the Trophy Swim Jig in every FLW tournament this year. In fact, those jigs accounted for every fish he caught when he finished 19th in the Lake Travis event.

Scanlon has caught bass up to 8 pounds on these jigs, and he uses that bait year-around on guide trips at Lake of the Ozarks.

All three of the new products can be purchased at various retail outlets or on online at

Trophy Bass Company– We focus on tournament bass fishermen and create baits that help you catch the five biggest fish to weigh in. We make big baits to help you catch big bass. Follow our Facebook page @trophybasscompany and Instagram @trophybasscom.

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