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Frenzy Vibe – New Weedless Vibration Rig



Oct 11, 2013 – For immediate release

Frenzy Baits made their debut splash on the bass fishing scene with their 5 & 7 prong skirted umbrella rigs, The Bounty Hunter and the unskirted 7 prong, The Sniper.

Frenzy Baits is creating turbulence once again with their brand new signature series weedless vibration bait designed by touring pro Greg Gutierrez; The Frenzy Vibe! It’s unlike ANY other vibration bait on the market!

Greg Gutierrez, or “Double G” knew there was a need for a weedless vibrating bait and set out to design one. Well, three years of fishing his prototypes, he’s got it right! Something truly unique with more fishability than any vibration bait on the market.

“I was unsatisfied with those other vibration lures on the market so I came up with my own version. So for three years I have been fishing the Vibe and for fish others couldn’t”.

It features a jointed predator head and with a sticky 4/0 Daiichi wide gap pivoting hook system for maximum action, hook-up and fish fighting potential. The Vibe’s design allows the angler to change hook styles and sizes if desired.

The key to the bait is that the vibration is unlike all those other vibration baits out there and was designed to do several things; The keel shaped head keeps the bait from rolling while the jointed pivoting hook system imparts an “S” action as well a being able to articulate at the connection between the blade and head. This complete design allows for a slower retrieve triggering vicious strikes!

The 4/0 Daiichi wide gap pivoting hook system allows for a multitude of trailers that can all be rigged weedless/Texas style.

The Vibe features durable and realistic colors with large eyes that result in more fish catches per bait because of its superb quality. Currently the Vibe weedless vibration rig is available in two sizes: 1/2oz and 3/4oz and 6 colors (Shad, Sexy Shad, Bream, Green Pumpkin, Delta Red, Black & Blue) that will trigger bites in any water color or condition!

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About Greg: In just 15 years of professional bass fishing, Greg (Double G) Gutierrez has won tournaments from coast to coast. He knows what is takes to win. One of his favorite baits is the vibration bait, and he grew tired with its limitations of when and where you could fish one. After 3 years of developing the Vibe, he’s perfected the design. With the vibe he could now fish behind the tules, and through thick trees, putting his bait where other anglers couldn’t fish. He could crawl the vibe over rock and though weed lines where he never could before. Look below when Greg was testing the vibe, he landed some TOADS. Check out his website >


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