Mustad Weighted Grip Pin Rigged

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Mustad® Ramps up Grip-Pin® Technology with New Weighted Hook System


Mustad Weighted Grip-Pin Rigged

Mustad®, the global leader in fish hooks since 1877, has expanded the popular Grip-Pin Series with the launch of the new Weighted Grip-Pin Hook range.

Grip-Pin technology starts with the oversize solid metal keeper barb, which features a compact profile for superior hold of soft plastic baits without tearing or compromising shape, and super strength to stay in place fish after fish. The new Weighted Grip-Pin Series combines this keeper system with the added benefit of a new integrated belly weight system. Grip-Pin Belly weights are engineered for minimum diameter and with precise placement on the shank for optimal presentation.

The Grip-Pin and Weight Assembly are affixed to the shank of the hook, then encased in a slick, black polymer coating. The process bonds the components (hook, weight & keeper) into a single unit with a hard, impact resistant, low friction outer shell that is built to last The result is an integrated system that provides a combination of tremendous benefits to a wide range of anglers whether fishing big bass, or inshore fishing for trophy redfish: superior durability in extreme fishing conditions, easier weedless rigging, maximum holding capability, and effortless technical presentation.

Magnus Gunnarsson, Vice President Americas for Mustad shared, “We have had many requests for this hook: consumers, professional fishermen, guides, and even soft plastics manufacturers! The Grip-Pin Keeper System is a true success, it is an award winning design and there have been many excellent reviews, but also feedback about the need for a weighted version. We are very pleased with the final version, and truly feel that it is another best in class product.”

The first release will be a weighted version of the super versatile KVD Grip-Pin (Reference# 38101NP-BN), based on Mustad’s popular Big Mouth™ extra strong wide gap soft plastics hook; known for its hooking and holding power. The weighted KVD Grip-Pin will be available in sizes 3/0-6/0, and in 1/16 ounce, 1/8 ounce and 3/8 ounce weight options.

The reference numbers for this series:

38101NPW116 (1/16oz) Sizes 3/0 – 5/0

38101NPW18 (1/8oz) Sizes 3/0 – 6/0

38101NPW14 (1/4oz) Sizes 5/0 – 6/0

Like all Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks, this new series features Mustad’s 4.3 Micro Sharp Point Technology®, which means hook points don’t roll, and sharp hooks “stay sharper longer.” Mustad’s Nor-Tempering process makes UltraPoint® up to 30% stronger than conventional hooks, for more confidence when battling the big ones.

About Mustad

Every year since 1877, more anglers worldwide put their trust in Mustad than any other brand to catch their fish of a lifetime. Sold in over 160 countries, Mustad Hooks are the world’s best-selling brand and heralded by top anglers for strength, sharpness, and quality. At the heart of every Mustad Fish Hook is wire drawn and processed specifically for fish hook production at the Mustad Factory, in operation for over 180 years, in the town of Gjovik, Norway. This exclusive process means that Mustad is the only company in the world that controls all phases of fish hook production from wire to finish. Mustad brands include Mustad UltraPoint Hooks, Mustad Classic Hooks, Mustad Signature Fly Hooks as well as Terminal Tackle and Fishing Tools. Included in Mustad’s portfolio of legendary styles are Demon Perfect Circle Hooks, KVD Elite Series Treble Hooks, Slow Death Hooks and the new ground breaking Grip-Pin Series.

For more information on Mustad product, call (305) 597-0553; write O. Mustad & Son Americas., 2317NW 107th Ave. Box 88 Doral, FL 33172, visit or the “Mustad Hooks” Facebook page.

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