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New Product Innovations from Lunkerhunt


Infused with scent, Lunkerhunt Bait Jars excel where live bait or prepared baits fall short. Lunkerhunt Bait Jar Lures feature a special technology that makes them more durable than other baits or soft plastics. Bait Jar Lures will not dry out in the sun and maintain their performance in and out of the water. All Bait Jars come packed full of baits and are infused with Lunkerhunt’s very own Lunker Attractant™. All three Bait Jar styles come packaged in jars with resealable lids. The lids help keep scent locked in and also make the lures easily accessible all season long.

Cutting edge designs based on proven fish catching styles:

  • May Bug mimic mayfly larvae
  • Fish Bone swims and looks just like fry or baitfish in the water
  • Spade Grub has a traditional shape (grub) and a unique spade shaped tail
A special technology makes Bait Jar Lures more durable and more effective than live bait. They will not dry out in the sun or when out of the water for a prolonged amount of time.
Bait Jars are packed for added value. There is approximately 9 g of micro baits per jar. Jars are resealable for easy access all season long.
Bait Jar lures are infused with Lunkerhunt’s very own Lunker Attractant™.
Lunkerhunt Bait Jars feature an innovative packaging technique that enables for easy pegging, as well as the ability to be stacked on shelves. Packaging calls out product features and is trilingual (English, French, and Spanish).