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Outdoor Heritage Inc. Announces Angler Advisory Board


October 3, 2012 – Sacramento, CA 

OHI announced the formation of an Angler Advisory Board to be the voice of the anglers and the ears of Outdoor Heritage.  “I have always believed that the feedback of anglers was important to making the right decisions and building things the right way,” said Gary Dobyns, one of the OHI founders.

OHI put the board together based on recommendations from anglers and industry personnel.  The board consists of Pro anglers and Co anglers from Northern California, Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. Roderick Lee of OHI stated, “We have put together a great cross section of anglers, both on the Pro angler side and the Co angler side, to make sure that we are considering everything possible when we make decisions that may affect the anglers.”

“What I like about this board is they are not afraid to tell us things that we may not want to hear, but need to hear”, said Tony Franceschi of OHI.  “They are a group of anglers that, without question, care about the sport of bass fishing and its growth!”

OHI would like you to welcome the Angler Advisory Board:

Bob Higgins                                                       Bret Gouvea

Dan Wells                                                           Gary Key

Jim Lyon                                                              Jimmy Reese

Jimmy Savoini                                                    Joe Uribe, Jr

John Murray                                                       Josh Bertrand

Ken Mah                                                              Ken Sauret

Kent Brown                                                         Mark Crutcher

Mark Hiser                                                          Mike Brillhart

Mike Folkstad                                                     Phil Strader

Randy Mcabee                                                    Ron Howe

Roy Desmangles                                               Roy Hawk

Shane Moline                                                     Steve Molinari

Tami Curtis                                                         Wayne Antoine

Zack Thompson

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