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Redesigned Seastar ProTrim Control for your Bass Boat Improves Ergonomics and Graphics Provide Quick At-A-Glance Refrence


Pro-Trim for your Bass Boat Lets A Driver Keep Both Hands On The Wheel For The Ultimate In Control

Given the hydrodynamics of today’s high performance bass boats, the ability to fine tune both trim angle and jackplate height is essential to getting the most speed from the hull. Immediately upon hitting the throttle, experienced drivers will begin adjusting trim and jackplate to get up on plane quickly and to reach maximum speeds. Once at speed, trim will need to be adjusted depending upon wind and waves in order to maintain safe and effective control of the boat.

Thanks to the Pro-Trim control switch from SeaStar Solutions, the driver can have precise control of engine trim without taking his hands off the wheel. The Pro-Trim Dual control switch provides control of both engine trim and jackplate height, keeping the boat level as it skims across the water.

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The new Pro-Trim features redesigned stalks and new graphics. Even wet fingers won’t slide on the ergonomically-designed non-slip stalks. The ABS switch cover is UV stabilized for long life under the blazing sun. New graphics with bright orange highlights at the tip of each stalk provide quick visual reference, an important feature when you consider the busy nature of dashboards these days.

While the Pro-Trim is the only trim switch recommended for SeaStar® and SeaStar Pro® hydraulic steering, it can also be installed with many other mechanical and hydraulic steering systems. Its stainless steel bracket adapts to both regular and deep-dish steering wheels and the wiring harness connects with standard trim and jackplate wiring.

For more information on the newly redesigned Pro-Trim switch, or any of the extensive range of products available from SeaStar Solutions and its family of brands, please visit www.seastarsolutions.com.

About SeaStar Solutions
SeaStar Solutions is the leading global provider of OEM and aftermarket products and accessories for the recreational marine and related markets. Sold around the world under the SeaStar, Sierra, BayStar, Prime Line and Proheat brands, the Company’s products are recognized for their quality, reliability and technical innovation.
For more information, please refer to the Company’s website at www.seastarsolutions.com.

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