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Solar Bat Introduces the New Aaron Martens Natural Frame


Solar Bat announces the addition of the new Aaron Martens designed sunglass, The Natural. Dr. Gary Nesty, optometrist and owner, states, “Aaron and I have been working on and testing the design of The Natural for most of the 2014 BASS Elite tournament series. Solar Bat will offer The Natural in three different frame colors including Aaron’s signature black and purple. The Natural is available in seven different performance fishing lens tints and two different lens sizes, one for low cheek bones and one for full cheek bones.”

Aaron states, “It has been a pleasure working with Solar Bat on the design of this new frame and lens shapes. All three frame colors look great. I like the more shallow lens shape for all around wear and the deep lens shape for sight fishing. I personally can wear either lens shape comfortably but most will find the shallower lens to be the best fit. All the lens tints have a place in your fishing arsenal. I especially like the patented gradients, but also the solid amber and solid Mossback.”

Click here to see The Natural and the other Aaron Martens signature seriesclip000c