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The Alabama Rig® V


Mann’s Bait Company announce the introduction of The Alabama Rig® V.
Complete and ready-to-fish 32 piece kit
Super, heavy duty Alabama Rig with four “Teaser” attachments

  • Alabama Rig jigs with screwlocks for soft plastics
  • Alabama Rig hookless jigs with screwlocks for soft plastic “Teasers”
  • Screwlocks for weightless “Teasers” in shallow water
  • Hardnose 4 inch curl Tail grubs
  • Hardnose 3.5 inch minnows
  • Instruction and “How To” pamphlet

Mann’s Bait Company, a leading manufacturer, produces a broad range of fish catching products for both fresh and saltwater markets, consisting of spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics, lead lures and hollow body baits.

Media Contact
Mann’s Bait Company • 111State Docks Road • Eufaula, Al 36027 • Phone: (334)687-5716 • Toll Free: (800)841-8435 • E-mail: [email protected]www.mannsbait.com

If your looking for a pretty cool way to store your Alabama Rigs, Check out The Plano The Alabama Rig Box:

The Plano The Alabama Rig Box joins the company’s StowAway™ lineup in its popular 3700 series footprint that has become the standard size for most boat tackle compartments, tackle bags and other tackle management systems.

The Plano The Alabama Rig Box measures 14”L x 9.13”W x 2”D and is designed to hold up to four rigs in individual compartments. The box features Plano’s famous sturdy, clear polypropylene plastic construction and is fitted with durable and positive-closing ProLatch™ fasteners.

This specialized StowAway features two unique and adjustable divider designs to protect and organize bass umbrella rigs. One is a V-notch divider that holds the head of the lure in place at one end of the box. The other is a patented star-notch design that collects and secures each wire arm about half way down its length in an isolated position to protect against bending and crimping.

Each compartment holds one umbrella rig of up to five arms. Of course, the dividers can also be arranged in any one compartment to hold swimbaits, along with rigs, in the same box.

The Plano The Alabama Rig Box can be used with any Plano, Guide Series™ or FTO Elite™ tackle system that holds 3700 series StowAways.

Plano The Alabama Rig Box - Tackle Boxes


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