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There’s no ‘Duo’ over’s in Bass fishing


Product Review: Duo Realis Duo Shad62 DR and the 3” v-tail Shad

The elements of good crank bait revolve around several factors: action, depth control, good hooks and mostly engineering. My review originally was to field test the new Duo Realis Onimasu Swimbait somewhere along the way ….. The request was lost in transition. What I ended up receiving was a series of medium to deep diving crankbaits and some new drop shot baits. The crankbaits are the Duo Shad62 DR and the dropshot baits where the 3” v-tail Shad. Keep in mind that I live in Florida and finding deep water is not the norm but I do have some deep pits in some of the river I fish. So my mission was to try em out give a review and detail the mechanics of how they performed.

The Duo Shad62 DR where engineered with a unique magnetic moving weight system, which smoothly transfers back-and-forth to bring about a stabile and appetizing presentation. Plus, the magnetic weight transfer system also increases casting distances and helps it dive down quickly, so more time is spent in the strike zone.

The 3” V-tails Shad drop shot baits from Duo Realis is the product of years of heavy testing, unshakeable commitment, and innovation. Built with an extreme focus on originality, the Duo Realis V-Tail shad features rib-like accents in front of the V-shaped tail, producing high-frequency micro vibrations with the subtlest presentations.

During my field testing I found them both to be on par with all the high end baits for the applications described above,. Like I said earlier living in Florida now they have a small areas of rivers and pits that I fish but the results speak for themselves,. Check out some of the fish caught while trying them out below,. Now I’m Chomping at the bit see how the Realis Onimasu Gliders work on the really Big Fish that I target,. stay tuned for my next review and hopefully some Big Florida Strain Bass to show off using the Onimasu,.

For you finesse fisherman I believe you’ll find the Duo Shad62 DR crankbaits and 3” v-Tail Shad Drop Shot Baits on a equal footing to all the top brands,. Remember, there’s no Duo over’s in bass fishing so use the best,. Don’t settle for anything less,. Check out the Duo Realis baits on Facebook also check out David Swendseid DUO Realis US Manager/ R&D Specialist FaceBook page as well he’s got a ton of great videos you can check out

CHomp On my friends, the Dog days of summer have been brutal here,. The Duo baits reviewed just might be the ticket!!

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