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So Cal Calico Bass fishing


Tons of great memories growing up in San Diego, working as a deckhand, fishing for Calico Bass. I look forward to get back down there some day. If you’ve never fished for them, look into making a trip to So Cal for a Calico Bass adventure. Plenty of great guides that can put you on the big ones. You’ll be amazed how HARD they pull!

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FACE DOWN BASS UP showcases its latest ventures of inshore | offshore calico bass fishing. All bass die and get released while filming on location @ Palos Verdes, Ca | Santa Barbara Island, Ca | San Clemente Island, Ca.

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WARBAITS.COM – is an Inshore Saltwater and Freshwater fishing lure designed to swim through the heaviest of cover with the least resistance creating a presentation the fish need to eat.

To the addicted, it’s a battleground. The elements stack up against you as you hunt for the ONE. The ocean pulls and pushes against you. The heavy breeze scented with salt kicks up in the air as you look towards the horizon. Your gear is ready. Line is fresh, only 1 or 2 trips on the spool. Drag system is smooth and set heavy, ready for anything that attacks your jig. Your reel is tuned at optimum efficiency. Your rod sensitivity can feel the lightest of taps. You know your knots, you practice them on land so that you are prepared on the water when it counts the most. You against the ONE that lurks in deep structures. The battle for fame, the trophy fish. This is WAR

This video gives insight to the advantages of fishing the Warbaits 2oz. Slayerhead. The versatility and range of fishing this heavier bait gives you tons of options during your hunt for that big fish bite. Santa Barbara Island, Catalina Island and Ninilchik, Alaska are destinations featured in this video. Use the 2oz. Warbaits Slayerhead to your advantage when targeting your favorite predatory fish!