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Christmas Gift Guide for Bass fisherman

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Christmas Goodies!

If you are still looking for that perfect gift for a family member or friend that is an avid angler, or looking to put something underneath the Christmas tree for yourself, than here are some helpful suggestions for you to make Christmas shopping easier for you this Holiday season.

Zoom Fluke Stick

Zoom Fluke Stick Jr

Not sure if you want to fish a soft plastic stick bait or Fluke, well with this bait you won’t have to make that choice. This 5 inch long bait is a great finesse plastic that can be rigged in numerous ways, from weightless on a Texas-rig to drug along the bottom on a Carolina-rig or nose hooked on a drop shot the Fluke Stick Jr will put bass in your boat next season. Right now the Fluke Stick Jr comes in 11 of Zoom’s most popular fish catching colors and comes in a pack of 10 for $4.49.

Plano 3743 Waterproof Stowaway

Plano 3743 Waterproof Stowaway
Plano 3743 Waterproof Stowaway

Have a box of deep diving crankbaits or a plethora of jigs that you want to keep organized and protected from the elements when you are on the water? Then the Plano 3743 Deep Waterproof Stowaway is the case you are looking for. The case has a possible 4 to 15 compartments and deep enough to accommodate deep diving crankbaits, large swimbaits or bulky jigs. The three locking cams and Dri-Loc O-Ring will ensure that moisture is kept out of the case and your lures stay dry and rust free. The Plano 3743 Stowaway has an MSRP of $11.49.

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