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CHT Double Wacky Hook – Double Your Chances With this Wacky Rig

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Photo: CHT Tackle
Photo: CHT Tackle

Put more Bass in the boat with this innovative wacky hook design from CHT Tackle. This wacky hook design has been on the market for a while now but really without much coverage. I have been using this design since last spring and wanted to share it with you.

These double pronged wacky hooks simply out perform all others for the wacky rig technique. I know I have had plenty of Bass come off with the standard single finesse style hook typically used for a wacky rig setup. With this unique design you have double the chances of your fish staying put.

Four options allow you to fish your wacky rig in just about any situation. All the four options come with a 1 or 1/0 hook. The hooks also come in weedless and non weedless. I was skeptical at first of the weedless design but after putting it to use over the past few months I must say that it is effective at reducing hangups in the weeds. Both the weedless and non weedless come in two orientations. One so you can wacky rig with your bait perpendicular to the hooks for your traditional presentation or horizontal for a weighted presentation. In clear water I will use a nail weight in the middle of a Keitech Salty Core when I want a faster fall. This allows me to not have a jig head visible to weary fish.

Increase the lifespan of your soft plastics by using the CHT Tackle hooks. Because you are not having to put your hook through the middle of your stick bait you will not have to worry so much about it tearing apart when you catch a fish. The CHT Tackle hooks come with an o-ring which fits standard size stick baits. You can go to O-rings USA to order some smaller sized o-rings for the 4.5” Keitech Salty Core stickbaits.

If you are interested you can get them at my favorite tackle supplier, Tackle Warehouse. I highly recommend you give CHT Tackle a try. I can almost guarantee you will save yourself some money and increase your hookup ratio.

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