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Freedom Tackle Live Action Hybrid Jigs

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Freedom Tackle is Revolutionary

Freedom Tackle is a company you may have heard of recently. They’re gaining in popularity and for good reason.

My experience with Freedom Tackle lures has been nothing short of spectacular. Before I get into the details of what makes every single one of Freedom Tackle’s lures so amazing and versatile, let me just run on a bit.

You know I can’t recall how I even first came across Freedom Tackle lures. When I first went on to their website I was immediately intrigued.   You see I am always looking for something that will give me that extra edge or something different. As a co-angler I firmly believe that I have to be throwing something different from the next angler, especially something different from my boater. I think the key to out fishing and winning lies in throwing something the bass have not yet seen and something realistic. Now this may just be a confidence thing for me as confidence is a major part of fishing. I happen to have more confidence in lures that look and act more like the real thing.

I had to have Freedom Tackle lures so I visited my favorite online dealer Tackle Warehouse and placed an order. I might own nearly $1000 in Freedom Tackle lures now. That’s saying a lot. Why would I spend a grand on these things? Well let me tell you why.

I like versatile and utilitarian things whether it is lures or some other gadget. Generally if something is utilitarian it is not attractive. We will leave that to Freedom Tackle’s competitors. Freedom Tackle has succeeded in creating the most versatile lures ever made while maintaining a high level of aesthetics. The finish and detailing is like non-other with a holographic finish, realistic 3-d hologram eyes, raised gill plates, realistic coloring and the list goes on.

Lets talk a little more about versatility here. Lets say I’m fishing as a co-angler and I’m limited to the rods I can bring etc. I may be throwing a Freedom Hydra with a Keitech Fat Impact on an Owner hook. That’s one setup I use often with a few tweaks I won’t disclose. But what happens when I discover that the 5.8” swimbait is too big? I have to stop and retie or use up another rod. Well, with the Freedom Tackle system you simply unhook your hook and downsize to a new hook and smaller swimbait without retying. Especially useful when I have cold fingers. The other great thing is I am not stuck with whatever hooks the manufacturer uses. I can always use my trusty Owner hooks in any size, shape and color I want. It’s such an amazing system you can switch between swimbaits, creature baits, worms, weedless, non-weedless etc. all without ever retying. It’s so handy as a co-angler.

Freedom Tackle 1/4oz Hydra, Owner J Light Hook, Keitech Swing Impact 4″ – Crystal Shad. Photo: Zeth Kinnett

Hooking up. Yeah let’s talk about hook-up ratio. With a typical jig a fish is able to generate leverage and this can do two things. One it can tear a larger hole in the fish’s mouth. Two the hook can then slip out! No one wants a lost fish when money is on the line and especially if it’s a trophy fish. With the Freedom Tackle system your hook of choice is able to swing freely behind the head keeping the fish from getting much leverage. This feature alone makes these worth buying.

Not all swinging hook designs are equal. I won’t go naming any other brands but I will tell you that Freedom Tackle has a unique patented design, which improves your hook-up ratio. Standard free swinging hook designs have one major drawback. A fish is able to come up to your lure and when they go to inhale the lure, swat at it etc, they can blow the hook over away from them. You might feel this through your rod but when you go to swing and there’s nothing there you’re not going to be happy. The Freedom Tackle design while allowing for a more free movement also keeps the hook from blowing over.

Brass is touted for being loud under water. And so what Freedom Tackle has done is integrated a hollow echo brass chamber into their lures. This generates more fish attracting sound when knocked against cover. Inside the brass chamber is a 300lb. Wire where you attach your hook. These things are strong to boot. They’re the total package.

More lifelike action triggers more strikes. We all know this. The Hydra Jig for example has a unique hydrodynamic head design, which generates a side-side minnow action. This enhanced movement will generate more strikes and put more fish in your livewell than many other swim jigs on the market.

As you can see there’s so much to like about Freedom Tackle lures. I can go on for pages about them, don’t worry I won’t. I just wanted to spread the word and share one of my favorite lures with everyone else out there. Maybe I’m doing myself in by spreading the word but for myself, fishing isn’t just about winning competitions. Fishing is a part of who I am and what makes me happy and I can share that with you and improve your angling success then that also makes me happy to know others are out there sharing in my love and passion as well.

Freedom Tackle 1/4oz Hydra, Owner J Light Hook, Keitech Crazy Flapper – #438 Green Pumpkin Fire.Photo: Zeth Kinnett

Currently they have a total of six designs on the market with everything from jig heads to spinnerbaits and the Freedom Minnow. I have been in communication with Freedom Tackle and they say they are working to develop a 3/8 oz. size for the lures. I’m eagerly waiting, as this is one my favorite sizes. I’m also looking forward to more spinnerbait weights and colors. All in due time I suppose. I’m pretty busy as it is trying to figure out the hundreds of possibilities I can rig up with Freedom Tackle lures.

I highly recommend you head over to Freedom Tackle to look at their rigging. Wow! Look at all of those ways to rig just one lure. All day you can fish from shallow to deep finesse to reaction without ever retying. Fish On & Keep Dreaming!

To see all of Freedom Tackle’s great inventions visit them on the web & visit Tackle Warehouse to buy get yours now.


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