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Hottest trend in freshwater fishing continues!

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The Umbrella Rig is currently one of the hottest trends in freshwater fishing and shows little signs of slowing down.  If you were in attendance at the recent ICAST show in Orlando or followed the show via the internet, you probably noticed that many of the large tackle companies were busy introducing new umbrella rigs and umbrella rig accessories.  What you may not know is that many great products are being offered by small companies that were not present at ICAST.

One such offering is the Frenzy Baits umbrella rig.

Bounty Hunter – Skirted 5 & 7 Wire

When the umbrella rig craze first swept the bass fishing world, Ryan Habenicht was eager to see if  the rig lived up to the hype.  Habenicht purchased a number of umbrella rigs but soon found himself disappointed.  “I did not like them, they had bad wire, weak swivels and the heads were heavy and got snagged a lot,” said Habenicht.  As a result, he set out to build a better rig himself.  He fashioned his first umbrella rig out of sprinkler wire and JB weld.  Little did he know that his garage project would soon land him in the tackle industry.

Today, Habenicht’s company, Frenzy Baits, offers the “Bounty Hunter” a skirted umbrella rig available in both a five and seven wire configuration.  A seven wire unskirted rig dubbed the The “Sniper” rounds out the current Frenzy Baits lineup.  “The seven wire rig is something different from most umbrella rigs on the market,” said Habenicht.  “There are a lot of three and five wire models, but the seven wire is unique.”

“I never fish a spinnerbait without a skirt so why wouldn’t a skirt work on an umbrella rig,” said Habenicht.  “The skirt adds action and changes the bait’s profile.”  Both the “Bounty Hunter” and the

“Sniper” feature a compact light weight tin head and are available in two colors patterns:  shad and sexy shad.

“I wanted to offer an umbrella rig that will hold up to the rigors of big fish”, said Habenicht.   “The wire is .039 gauge.  Each wire is triple wrapped  and attached to heavy-duty swivels and snaps.  The swivels are smaller in size than those found on some other rigs. This keeps your bait from fouling, and eliminates wasted casts.”

Each Frenzy Baits umbrella rig features a moveable rubber collar located behind the head that the angler can slide down the wire to collapse the rig for easier storage.

During the development of the Frenzy rigs, Habenicht experimented with numerous different bait configurations.  One of his most successful rigging options is to use a bladed swim jig.  “I like to use a vibrating swim jig on the center wire,” said Habenicht. “The action of the “Bounty Hunter is amazing when rigged this way.”  Another one of his rigging tricks is to substitute skirted swim jigs in place of traditional swimbait heads for even more action.

In what may be an industry first, Frenzy Baits umbrella rigs are offered with a limited lifetime warranty.  To learn more about Frenzy Baits and order yours, please visit their website at

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