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I Flipped the Bird today,..

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…and I’m not sorry!

Danny Barker – One of the latest top water lures to fly on to the bass fishing scene is called Flip In The Bird and its producing some great catches! It’s a soft-bodied bait that looks like a Bird with wings and a tail. It’s designed to be totally weedless with a dual pronged hook. I had a chance to be one of the first field testers here on the East Coast, Central Fl to be exact. It didn’t take long to see results, my 1st trip out in a full blow storm produce a number of nice fish. There’s no limit on how to fish this bait, let your imagination be your guide, you can’t fish this lure wrong! Case in point my brother who had just recently retired and moved to FL caught most likely the biggest Bird fish to date @ close to 9 lb’s. He hasn’t fished much in the last 20 years and catches his personal best fish on the Red Winged Bird. The question most people ask, is it better than a frog? and the answer is; it’s different. It’s another weapon in your arsenal we all know that bass will eat a frog, duck, Bird and for that matter anything that hit’s the water. The Bird is like any other good bait , is it the Holy Grail of bass fishing baits? There is no magic lure its all about having the best tools in your box and the BIRD is one you need  to throw!

The second generation Birds are out; which include a thinner body and lever-action hook which tweaked it a tad for better hook ups. Rumor has it that you’ll see more innovations down the road which will knock your Feathers off.. LOL If you haven’t Flipped The Bird in a while don’t feel bad it’s a good thing! Get ya some and until next time,.. Stay on Em !!