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Interview with Japanese manufacturer, Jackson

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1) Most of us here in the US have never heard of Jackson. What can you tell me about your company?
Jackson is well-known manufacturer in Japan. We started creating fishing tackle in 1980. Our products consist of fishing rods and lures for salt water, freshwater and trout. We are placing focus on expanding business to the US market starting in 2015. You will see our promotions soon.

2) You manufacture a variety of items from rods to lures. However, I suspect most readers are interested in your lures and as they pertain to bass fishing. What can tell us about these items?
We have contracts with a lot of pro anglers bass fishing in Japan and our products have been developed by the top anglers among them. Shunsuke Eguchi and Naoyuki Ichimura, are the main developers at the moment. They are top bass fishing tournament winners. The product line is amazingly practical and features very fine quality. Eguchi is a professional of the finesse style which is why we also have strength in finesse style products.

3) What unique features separate your lures from other manufacturers?
Each product is developed individually by our knowledgeable and experienced pro-staff and we have a long history making tackle. So every angler knows the Jackson name and our products ability well.

4) Do you have plans to expand into to the us market? If so when?
We have just started to our project to expand business in US. Dealers and reps are wanted!

5) More of a fun question, what are the biggest differences you see between Japanese bass fishing and bass fishing in America?
We would say the place where we fish from which is mostly bank fishing while more anglers fish from a boat in the US. There is also a difference in tackle and the size of bass is also different from Japan. But they are still same kinds of fish. The techniques and fun is the same!

6) What is your favorite Jackson lure?
Flow shad series, which developed by Naoyuki Ichimura as a new product. Also the Blank shot is one of my favorite.

7) Would you like to add anything else?
We are quite open to find reps and pro-staffs in US market and feel US market is attractive.  Thant being said, for consideration in being a product tester, rep or pro-staff, you can contact HERE with a  resume and cover letter.

Thank you for your time. Just so our readers know, you recently sent me a package to test a few of your products on American bass. Over the next few months our readers at BHQ can expect to see some reviews of these Japanese lures. Stay tuned.

Zeth Kinnett
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