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Skinny Bear’s 5” Swimming Shad Eye

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The wide world of swimbaits can be very overwhelming to those who’ve just begun to take the plunge into its depths.  Among the plethora of choices, there is one that stands out in the crowd-Skinny Bear 5” Swimming Shad Eye.  This hand poured swimbait always has a place on the deck of my boat whether it’s the middle of winter or the dog days of summer.  Keep reading as I provide a full review, rigging tips and fishing techniques for the Swimming Shad Eye.

At first glance– When you pick up this bait, the first thing you’ll notice are the realistic eyes and gill plate, the scaled body and tear drop shaped tail fin.  Next you will notice the soft hand poured plastic which gives this bait amazing action.  There is also a slit in the rear of the belly that is perfectly placed allowing the hook to slide easier through the plastic providing better hook-ups.  There are 15 colors available including Bluegill, Chartreuse Shad, and Rainbow Trout.

Rigging options– My favorite rigging method is to use an 8/0 3/8oz. Owner Screw Lock Beast Hook. When using this method, insert the screw-lock just under the very point of the nose in a slightly upward direction and turn until it is fully inserted into the bait.  Now make note of where the bend of the hook and body of the bait line up as this is where you’ll insert the hook.  Push the hook all the way through the body then insert the point just under the skin of the bait.  The Swimming Shad Eye can also be rigged on an open hook using a Buckeye JWill head in both the 1/4oz. and 1/2oz. sizes.  Finally, I secretly like to rig this bait on an A-Rig.  I prefer the River2Sea Bumbershoot with the Buckeye JWill heads in 1/8oz. and 1/4oz. thrown on a Dobyns Champion 795SBMT.   If I use heavier jig heads, I’ll throw the Rig on the Dobyns 806MLSB rod as it has a heavier action and longer butt section for better leverage when chucking this bait and setting the hook on huge bass.  You can also use the weighted Owner Beast Hooks on the A-Rig.  With all these rigging options you’ll have to experiment and see what fits your style the best.

Fishing the 5” Swimming Shad Eye– One of my favorite ways to fish this bait on the Beast hook is slow and through heavy cover and grass.  I’ll toss it out towards banks and structure at a 45 degree angle and let it sink on a free spool.   I then retrieve the Shad Eye slowly along the bottom, while bumping any cover and structure I can find.  I vary the retrieve speed based on the lake structure and the mood of the fish.  The open hook method on the JWill head is great for open water around bridge pilings, main lake humps or steep bluff walls. The bait rigged on the River2Sea Bumbershoot is effective on main lake points near spawning coves, secondary points in creeks and steep bluff walls; you are also able to cover various depths which makes it a great search tool to find bigger schools of bass.

Whether you’re fishing a deep clear reservoir, a shallow weedy lake or a tidal fishery, the 5” Swimming Shad Eye’s realistic look and action, and versatility, will help you put bigger fish in the boat.  For more information check them out at or your local retailer.

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