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The Delta Wood Bomber

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Delta Wood BombersThroughout the Fall, I had been hearing rumblings about a new custom wooden topwater bait that had been quietly making waves on the lakes and waterways across Northern California.  As Fall gave way to Winter those rumblings quietly subsided.  That was until last week at the Sacramento ISE Show.

In the corner of the Bass Tackle Depot Booth, a  steady stream of anglers gathered around a colorful display of topwater baits.  It was here that BHQ met up with Carlo Ramos, the creator of the Delta Wood Bombers.  After exchanging greetings and making introductions, it was time to find out the scoop.

I love topwater fishing for Stripers, it’s like having a significant other, they will break your heart in a blink of an eye,” said Ramos.  “I was inspired to build a topwater plug for my young daughter.  I wanted a bait that she could walk easily and would be unlike anything that you could purchase in a store and that was not mass-produced or painted by a machine.

Ramos’ grandfather was a woodworker by trade and Carlo spent lots of time with him.  Ramos relied heavily on his memory and the techniques that his grandfather passed on to him as he undertook the task at hand.  During the often heartbreaking work of building prototypes, Ramos would ask himself, “What would grandpa do, or how would grandpa accomplish the shape I’m after?”  Ramos spent countless hours and many sleepless nights as he labored to build the perfect prototype plug.  “I was spinning myself out trying to figure out weight placements, hook distance, and all the other critical details.  Quality speaks for itself and you can experience the difference,” exclaimed Ramos.

After several years of development and extensive testing, the Delta Wood Bomber is now available for public consumption.  Constructed of Premium Grade Cedar, equipped with #3 Triple Coiled Split Rings, 4X strong Mustad Hooks and reinforced with a  #304 stainless steel internal frame; the Wood Bomber is made to withstand the rigors of big strong fish.   A unique feature of the Wood Bomber is the 360 degrees front internal rotating hook hanger that makes it more difficult for a fish to gain leverage and shake free from the bait.

The Delta Wood Bomber is currently available in three models:  Sinister 5  ( 5″ 1.25oz), Sinister 6  (6″ 2.5oz +/-), Sinister B52 (8.25” 5oz +\-)  and two distinct body configurations.  “I make both a round and flat bottom bait,” said Ramos.  “Each shape produces a different walking action, the flat bottom has a stronger gliding movement.

Available in sixteen striking color combinations, Ramos continues to add new colors regularly.  For those who want a truly unique one-off bait, he will custom paint a bait to an angler’s exact specifications (minimum of 6 lures for custom colors).   Ramos tipped the American Shad as his favorite pattern, “It is a universal baitfish color that imitates the forage on all waterways.”

Don’t let the beauty of the Delta Wood Bomber fool you because this is a serious big fish catching bait.  While Ramos originally developed the bait for Stripers, the bait has proven deadly for Largemouths, Spots, and Smallies alike.

The Delta Wood Bomber excels under difficult slickwater conditions.  “The bait moves a lot of water,” explained Ramos.  “With the proper cadence, you can get the bait to glide seductively in a wide arc.  Pick up the cadence and it will move side to side in a tight walk the dog motion.  With a little practice, the bait will also dive subsurface and jump out of the water as well.

Since its introduction in the Fall of 2012, the Delta Wood Bomber has won over many fans.  Delta Guide, Vince Borges said, “Products need tons of marketing to be successful.  But great products sell and speak for themselves and this is by far one of the best!

Professional Angler and California Delta Guide, Bobby Barrack added, “Carlo puts blood, sweat, tears, and pride into every single bait.  I appreciate what he brings to the game, his craftsmanship, his effort, it is an awesome bait.

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