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The NEW Frenzy Baits – "Nail"

Category : TACKLE BOX

The Frenzy Baits “NAIL is a new jig head designed for the “Shakey Head” technique. The NAIL was designed by lure designer and professional angler Greg Gutierrez.

The NAIL’s head was designed to be a “true” stand-up head while the hook angle presents all types of plastic lures in a nearly vertical presentation. This puts your bait right in the fishes face! The head was also designed to work its way through thick grass and brush as well as rocky structures.

The unique barb reduces the occurrence of your plastic bait slipping down or balling up during a hard cast or hook set and allows for a larger “bite area”…and no more pesky springs getting in the way!

The NAIL’s head angle automatically rotates the hook to an upright position which causes the hook to penetrate the upper portions of the fish’s mouth, which to the angler means an increased “hook up” ratio!

The result of the NAIL’s overall design has been increased hook ups, increased longevity of plastic baits, less time lost because of snagged lures, or having to put the plastic bait back into position.

“I am so confident about this head design and I know it will help you catch more fish too!”.

Greg Gutierrez

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