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Follow That Frog With A Fluke!

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Follow That Frog With A Fluke!

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This time of the year, there are generally two main ways to catch bass. Fishing structure out deep for schooling fish. Fishing shallow cover such as docks or vegetation to catch bass looking for shady ambush points. When it comes to the latter option, I can’t say that I have met a bass fisherman who doesn’t like pulling...

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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing Report – The Frog and Flip Bite is On


The water temperature on Guntersville is around 65-67 degrees and although the amount of emergent vegetation is slowly receding there’s still plenty to throw a frog on top off and pitch a heavy weight into.  The recent string of warm days this week has also helped prolong the fall frog and flipping bite. My clients and I are catch...

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