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Teckel Frogs – Not Just Another Soft  Hollow Body Top Water Frog

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Teckel Frogs – Not Just Another Soft Hollow Body Top Water Frog


It’s nearly frog season for most Bass fisherman. And in some places they’ve been hitting a hollow body frog for a while now. So if you are looking to add or to pick up a few new hollow body frogs this season read on because my experience with Teckel frogs has been nothing but stellar. There are many soft hollow body fro...

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Bass Fishing Lure Basics

Category : TACKLE BOX

Bass Fishing Lure Selection Simplified Most bass fishing anglers own enough artificial lures to fill a small tackle store. Yet a bass angler only needs a handful of baits to catch bass on most waterways. Tackle manufacturers prey on the fact that anglers are like children in a candy store, everything looks good! If we stay focused o...

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Topwater Tips & Tricks – Westernbass

Category : HAWK TALK

Topwater baits have to be one of the most exciting ways to catch bass. The aggressiveness of the strikes is enough to excite even the most veteran bass angler. Elite series pro Kevin Hawk is just like the rest of us,.. Read more over at > By Tyler Brinks ...

Top water Insights from Mikeybalzzfishing

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Top water Insights from Mikeybalzzfishing

Category : ANGLER’S POV

Top water Bass Fishing by Mikeybalzzfishing The pre-summer to summer-peak is a period that sees a fish migration from bank cover to more offshore haunts.  The transition can be a bit tricky however as fish tend to focus both on bream as well as forming schools of shad.  Fishing Top water for Bass covering water and splashing on the...

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